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Survitec showcases inflatable MilPod at SOFEX

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Jordan, Amman. 09 May 2018Safety solutions provider Survitec is showcasing the launch of the newly designed, rapidly inflating SONICS Milpod at the 12th annual Special Operations Forces Exhibition and Conference (SOFEX) show in Amman, Jordan .Survitec’s CBRN range of products including the Bio Skin and Bio Shell protective suits, with the MilPod personal isolation chamber are also in display. 

The specialist man portable stretcher can be used for the rapid extraction and treatment of injured individuals in CBRN environments and inflates in under 15 seconds, providing a completely contained environment suitable to treat any casualty, from minor flesh wounds to chemically contaminated personnel.
Paul Parry, Survitec Group CBRN Business Manager, said: “The threats facing the protection of civilians and military personnel from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear dangers continue to evolve and so too must the equipment they rely on to stay safe. Protecting individuals in such scenarios is only half the battle – the gear they use must be comfortable and functional enough for them to remain operational and alert to further threats.

 The medic mannequin are displaying Survitec’s complete CBRN offering including a non-carbon protective hood, respirator, protective over gloves, socks and over boots and medical equipment.

“We’re not just another me-too manufacturer making comparable kit to what already exists on the market; we genuinely want to move the needle when it comes to the defence sector and launch innovative products that have never been seen before. Using cutting-edge design and the latest lightweight fabrics gives users extra performance gains that could make all the difference in mission-critical scenarios, ” he added.

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