Rio de Janeiro.  08 August 2016 . Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Corp unveiled its SportJet, an aircraft designed for athletes. SportJet, designed to carry up to 60 members of pro teams, offers solutions to rest and recover athletes aloft.
The aircraft cabin is divided into four functional zones: recovery, with multi facet physiotherapy equipment; rest area, which has comfortable sleeping environment and smart seats with build in gadgets to monitor biometric data; coaching area, to study and analyze team and players game performance; and seating zone to comfortably accommodate administrative staff. Features and amenities of SportJet are perfectly suitable and could be easily customized for a wide range of sports, including — baseball, hockey, basketball, football and soccer.
The SportJet was engineered in close cooperation with sports medicine science experts to avoid hypoxia, dehydration, muscle fatigue and other negative effects on athletes forced to spend half of their season in the air.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft plans to roll out its first SportJet for 2017-2018 season start. The company is already in talks with a number of leagues and team’s owners interested in SportJet.