Singapore.  28 June 2018 .ST Engineering’s Electronics sector will unveil its Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities at ConnecTechAsia, Marina Bay Sands, sharing insights that aim to help governments and enterprises in the transformation of their cities and industries through the adoption of smart technologies. With global AI expenditure forecasted to reach US$57.6b by 2021*, AI has been identified as one of the key strategic capabilities and long-term growth levers for ST Engineering.

Advancing AI Capability Development and Driving AI Adoption for Customers

To reinforce the need of businesses to relook, rethink and reengineer themselves in the face of technology shifts, ST Engineering Electronics is organising its annual Technology Seminar themed “Empowering Smart Cities through AI” to share with its enterprise and government clients, the critical knowledge to drive digital transformation through the power of data analytics and AI.

Held in conjunction with ConnecTechAsia, the exclusive seminar will feature global speakers, comprising AI practitioners, researchers and innovators from the US, Israel, China, and Singapore. These include Prof Isaac Ben-Israel, Chairman of Israel Space Agency & Israel National Council for R&D and coined as “the General who positioned Israel to win in $175b cybersecurity market” by Forbes, as well as Jeff Jonas, Founder & CEO of Senzing and popularly known as the “Wizard of Big Data” who mines the data warehouse in his head and uses it to detect the cleverest of bad actors such as potential terrorists and fraudulent behaviour in casinos.

Other expert speakers include Dr Derek Wang, Chief Cloud Architect of Alibaba Cloud International, Dr Wu Shuang, Research Scientist of Yitu Technology, and Bill Lee, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Azendian Solutions.

Transforming Key Industries such as Maritime with AI and Smart Analytics

ST Engineering Electronics also announced its collaboration with Alpha Ori, a maritime technology solution provider, to develop the Next Generation Vessel Operations Control Centre (NGVOCC) for Synergy Marine Group, a global ship management service provider.

Equipped with machine learning capabilities and Internet of Things (IoT) cloud-based technology, the NGVOCC enables real-time monitoring of ships and sea conditions; anticipatory knowledge and predictive maintenance capabilities for decisive yet collaborative decision-making; and comprehensive maritime awareness for safe, efficient vessel management.

When fully deployed for its launch customer, Synergy Marine Group, the VOCC will potentially enable the safe and smooth passage of some 500 ships globally (refer to Annex A for details).

In addition to the maritime industry, ST Engineering Electronics with its advanced data analytics capabilities, have already shaped the global rail, fleet management and aviation industries, empowering clients in these industries to stay competitive in the face of sweeping technological disruptions.

Frontier Technologies and Innovative Solutions on Showcase at ConnecTechAsia

In further affirmation that ST Engineering’s Smart City growth plan is steadily gaining traction, ST Engineering Electronics is showcasing its vast prescriptive, predictive and descriptive data analytics capabilities that are facing high market demand, at ConnecTechAsia. Key exhibit highlights include:

  • Singapore’s first pay-per-use, subscription-based IoT-as-a-Service equipped with advanced data analytics
  • Video Analytics-as-a-service and Nationwide Integrated Energy Management solution, enabling capabilities such as car number plate recognition and energy anomalies detection for intelligent decision-making.
  • Smart Mobility, Data-Driven platforms for traffic management, aviation, maritime, and logistics
  • Smart Security with multi-modal biometric solutions, the Black Computer and VR Incident Response Trainer