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Solar energy makes Green Airports in Andhra Pradesh

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New Delhi. 03 August 2017. The Government of India encourages development of green airports. In order to develop airports in Andhra Pradesh as green airports, AAI has commenced installation of 1MWp solar power plant at Tirupathi and Vijaywada Airports.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has set up Solar Power Plants at various locations/airports for its captive power consumption based on the capacity permissible under Net-Metering policy of States. AAI has completed installation of solar power plants at 29 airports/locations with a total capacity of 12.84 MWp. Earlier, the Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL) became the first airport in the world, to be completely powered by solar energy.

Green airports are no longer fancy words  but have become a need of the hour due to booming traffic and ever increasing carbon emissions. India is among the top five fastest growing countries for plane passengers. Green airports development is, therefore, also about creating a sustainable ecosystem inside and outside airport facilities. For instance, use of public transport such as metros and buses to reach the airport limits the car trips and traffic jams. Ultimately, the clients and passengers also must support the sustainable efforts through adopting the best practices and checking or comparing carbon emissions of airports and airlines.


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