New Delhi, 17 November 2016.  Flagship event on Armoured Vehicles “Future Armoured Vehicles India”, was organized in the capital by DGMF in association with South Asia Defence & Strategic Review.

The two day seminar discussed varied topics with relation to armoured vehicles, including modernization, upgrades and overhaul. With focus on the future of armoured vehicles in India, a special presentation focused on Smart Survivability of these vehicles.

MKU, a  manufacturer and solution provider for platform protection highlighted its capabilities in armour protection focusing on “contemporary and future light weight armour solutions in composite materials. Over these years, MKU has provided protection solutions for more than 2000 platforms globally including a wide range of naval vessels, land vehicles and aircrafts. Many of the naval vessels doing duty on the Indian coastline have armour provided by the company.

Engineers at MKU have developed Armor solutions using Gen 6 technology, which combines advanced material with modern techniques to reduce the weight and thickness of armor panels by almost 40%. This translates into more useful payload without compromising its protection or performance.Ballistic solutions provided by MKU conform to Environmental Standards as per MIL 810 G. In their presentation MKU stressed on the importance of using these solutions more extensively on the existing and upcoming platforms and suggested the services should look at it more closely.

A number of Indian vehicle programmes are in the pipeline. These include the LAM, LSV, LBPV and the mother of all programmes FICV. Over the course of two days the services and the industry discussed on the configuration of these platforms to meet future threat requirements of the Indian Armed Forces.

MKU in the presentation mentioned that the solution for some of the programs already exist and the their technical team is working on the development for futuristic platforms like  the FICV and the FRCV.