• SIA has deployed solutions for the protection of the workplace and collaborative work cloud services based on Microsoft’s cloud security technologies within the framework of the integrated management and operation of the IT services of Red.es, following the migration of its workloads to the cloud
  • The security and IT management platform provided via the Azure cloud has achieved, in record time, effective endpoint control in remote environments, increased availability in the face of attacks and a governed and automated endpoint life cycle
  • Following its implementation in over 700 users, the management of the security technologies and users has been optimized by 20% and overall protection has been improved, thus guaranteeing business continuity and increasing the availability of the services provided by the entity

Madrid, May 25, 2023. – SIA, an Indra company and a leading cybersecurity firm through which Minsait, also part of Indra, provides services in this area, has deployed a comprehensive security and IT management solution on the Microsoft Azure cloud security platform at Red.es, a public entity attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation through the Secretariat of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence. The above platform permits the protection, administration and remote configuration of all the devices and the identity and access management, besides ensuring that the users comply with the corporate image and information safeguarding policies in hybrid environments.

The project has provided Red.es with a holistic approach to security integrated into its IT management tools, achieving a higher level of control and greater capacity for the detection and protection of the devices and information of its mobile workstation.

After migrating its workloads to the cloud, the remote management became complex and its security relied on the trust of the on-premise environments, assuming principles that entailed risk. Within this context, the challenge involved making a quantum leap in terms of security in a remote work environment based on Zero Trust principles, by implementing capabilities that would allow Red.es to grow securely in the open and cloud environments that are currently being imposed. In the project it was vital to guarantee the security and management of the devices regardless of their location, protect access to the resources and information, prevent unwanted leaks and ensure compliance with the applicable regulations.

For this purpose, SIA has deployed solutions for the protection of the workstation and collaborative work cloud services based on Microsoft’s cloud security technologies, integrating the security, user and infrastructure management as a key factor in the success of the project. Roberto Espina, CEO of SIA, declared that “this integration and the combination of the protection solutions and Microsoft’s cloud platform has enabled us to continue supporting Red.es on its journey to the cloud, thus guaranteeing the continuity of its activity and improving the availability of the services it provides”.

More specifically, the main protection-related activity carried out has focused on reducing the risks associated with the main attack vectors, including identity, through the Azure Active Directory cloud solution. This has resulted in a robust and state-of-the-art identity management system.

Following its implementation for an ecosystem with more than 700 users, the management of the security technologies and users has been optimized by 20% and the overall protection has been enhanced.

Moreover, using Microsoft Azure’s ecosystem of security solutions has entailed shortening the time required for the implementation, minimizing the interactions needed and reducing the number of solutions necessary to meet the customer’s needs, thus simplifying the management of the platform and licenses.

In short, this initiative brings modern and more secure management to the workplace, enabling the public entity to successfully carry out its activity and provide its service to the public and business spheres and citizens in general while addressing the new security requirements and threats that we are currently facing.