La Spezia. 20 June 2018. The Italian Naval Base La Spezia saw the glittering opening ceremony of the sixth edition of Seafuture. “Hub, container, window, meeting point, circular demonstration” is how Seafuture was recently described by its organizers that 12-year pledge to increase activities related to sustainability issues relating to the environment, humanitarian aid, international cooperation and economic development linked to the sea resource.
Admiral Gianfranco Annunziata, project officer Seafuture, opened the inauguration ceremony introducing the actions of the authorities. The Mayor of La Spezia, Pierluigi Peracchini, expressed great satisfaction at the holding of this international event in La Spezia Gulf, which has the opportunity to shine as an example of excellence model maritime fields and has confirmed its willingness to co-operation between the city and the Naval Arsenal.
On behalf of companies intervened Pasquale Di Bartolomeo, Mananging Director of MBDA Italy, Angelo Fusco, Director, Division of Naval Vessel Fincantieri, Alessandro Profumo, CEO of Leonardo, Carlo Festucci, Secretary General AIAD, who chorus represented the show in a context satisfaction International Italian excellence, the synergy with the Navy and important international collaborations.
The Chief of Naval Staff, Valter Girardelli, emphasized the strong connotation of blue century maritime, thanking all those who are active commitment to blue growth of our country. The Marina provides a modular and flexible supply that contributes decisively to counter uncertainty by exercising complementary tasks also towards entrepreneurship and research skills and offering guarantees

The new Secretary of Defense, Raffaele Volpi, was warmly complimented the undisputed international importance of the event that also lets you know Liguria which is the summary and soul of the Navy.

Even the President of the Region Giovanni Toti has expressed his satisfaction by emphasizing how the Gulf confirms its true characteristic and own capital in the maritime search.

The Soul of Seafuture, Cristiana Pagni, President of IBG, said: “I believe in this country and its potential, those huge potential that we have in an area like the one linked to the blue economy, and therefore I think we can play a role starring in the world. Seafuture has as its protagonist the sea, the blue gold of our century, our economy and well-being of our country depend on the sea; as well as our history and our culture are inextricably linked to the sea. “

After the traditional ribbon cutting Cristiana Pagni and the authorities accompanied the guests to visit the booths of exhibiting companies that chorus supported the importance of the event for the national economy.

After Horizon Sistemi Navali, gold sponsor of Seafuture, offered a welcome cocktail on Fasan Rizzo ships and the Navy, where he held high-level conferences on strategic economic, environmental and technical-scientific of the event.

On June 20, the first business day of Seafuture, began banner of numerous bilateral meetings between exhibitors and delegations this year have seen their presence increased, confirming the importance of the event on the international scene.

Launch of the numerous conferences that will affect the packed program of Seafuture.

In the morning began the first stage of one of the meetings on the deepest issues in this show: the seminar on Blue Tourism organized by ENEA [1] entitled “Environmental Strategies for Sustainable Tourism (Territorial Cooperation Program Italy-France Maritime 2014- 2020 – Financing the European Fund for Regional Development ERDF). The overall objective of the project known under the acronym STR.A.TU.S. It is to increase the international competitiveness of micro-enterprises and SMEs in the cross-border supply chain of sustainable tourism, working in particular coastal areas with high natural value and affected by large tourist flows in Sardinia, Liguria and PACA (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur ). Precisely in this context it met the Italian-francesce advisory center that will be a function of guidance for the conduct of the project, in the following days there will be bilateral meetings between Italian and French companies and seminars on key topics.

Not only but also Blue Blue Tourism Growth during the first morning of conferences: Enterprise Europe Network [2] along with its consortium ALPS [3] developed the seminar “Opportunities for funding: Horizon 2020 & Beyond to create leadership in the maritime industry . “the ALPS consortium is targeted to support entrepreneurship among local SMEs, to assist in developing a European and international level, in particular by offering assistance on EU legislation, opportunities for international cooperation, innovation and technology transfer for access” Blue Economy “and to foster competitiveness and innovation. In this area we were presented the opportunities available for the 2018-2020 period in the field of Blue Growth for investments in research and innovation.

During the morning were also held conferences strategic Navy policies. First, the global approach to maritime security has analyzed modern threats in the maritime domain linked to national economic interests and the security and stability of world trade. In the presence of the Commander in Chief of the Navy, Admiral Donato Marzano, have brought their contribution to civil and military officials of high standard including Admiral Enrico Credendino, Operation Commander Sophia.

Following the Logistic Command of the Italian Navy organized the Technical Conference on the Management of the life cycle of naval units: the reduction of the budget and human resources are pushing for an improving approach.

The know-how and its solutions Command will be analyzed through the program FREMM Total Global Support (TGS) of Horizon Naval Systems.