Safran's Health Monitoring serviceLas Vegas. 27 February 2018. Safran’s Health Monitoring service has attracted a lot of attention recently. ÖAMTC (Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club) and HeliDax are the major customers to sign a Premium Health Monitoring contract.

The Health Monitoring service for helicopter engines, launched last October at Helitech International allows customers to track engine life data and thus reduce unplanned events. Engine life can be improved with the early detection of low signals, prognosis analysis and maintenance plan customization.

HeliDax is a privately-held company which has been chosen in 2008 by the French government in order to supply the flight hours required for the basic and advanced training of French Armed Forces, Gendarmerie Nationale and Belgium Armed Forces helicopters pilots. HeliDax will use this service across its whole fleet, flying a total amount of 22.000 hours per year.

Safran HelicoptersJoel Baudon, HeliDax Technical Director, commented: “The partnership that HeliDax started to develop with Safran Helicopter Engines since 2010 is an essential asset of a trustful relationship between an operator and an OEM. The understanding of the needs of the operators and the willingness of the OEM creates added value to the services provided, enhances the efficiency of the maintenance and contributes to a high level of flight safety.”

Health Monitoring is available at an Essential level, where the customer is responsible for data collection and analysis, and a Premium one where maintenance recommendations by Safran experts are tailored to the customer’s fleet, missions and usage rates. Most of the parameters are gathered continuously by an electronic recorder designed by Safran partners.

ÖAMTC is going to use this service, in its Arrius 2B2-powered H135 fleet. Marco Trefanitz, ÖAMTC CEO, commented: “We look forward receiving from engines experts a large range of recommendations, from performance analysis to usage advises. We expect that Premium Health Monitoring will have a positive impact on our maintenance costs which helps to reduce our operation run rate. Additionally it will optimize the availability of our H135 fleet and will pay off in reduction of downtime costs and therefore costs for spare helicopters.”

Frédéric Bugeon, Safran Helicopter EnginesFrédéric Bugeon, Safran Helicopter Engines VP Sales, Marketing and Customer Satisfaction said, “HeliDax is a partner with whom we shared ideas and needs, and then tested our Health Monitoring new service. Their subscription to the Premium service is the outcome of this partnership. They will benefit from Safran expertise and customized maintenance reports, available online at the EngineLife® Customer Portal, anytime, from anywhere with any device. Today, over 100 companies have also subscribed to the Essential solution. We are very happy to see an Austrian customer join the Health Monitoring community. By subscribing to the Premium solution, ÖAMTC will benefit from Safran analysis and maintenance reports. Over 100 of our operators are already using the Essential solution to visualize their Engine Power Check trends.”