Moscow . 09 February 2022. “Russian Helicopters” Holding Company (part of Rostec State Corporation) takes part in the 9th National Aviation Infrastructure Show – NAIS 2022. At the holding’s exposition, visitors and participants of the exhibition can get acquainted with a HEMS version of Ansat helicopter and BAS-200, a helicopter-type unmanned aircraft.

A light multipurpose Ansat with a medical module is designed in order to transport one patient, accompanied by two paramedics. The helicopter contains equipment necessary for monitoring the patient’s medical status and stabilizing the main vital functions during the flight. The use of helicopters for transporting patients to medical facilities ensures prompt casualty evacuation and complies with the “Golden Hour” rule, which implies that rendering professional medical assistance during the first 60 minutes after an accident significantly increases the patient’s chances for survival.

NAIS 2022 presents another debutant – a helicopter-type UAV BAS-200. The aircraft may be used for a broad range of aviation tasks: terrain monitoring, cargo delivery, search and rescue operations, agricultural work. The UAV maximum take-off weight is 200 kilograms. It is capable of speeds up to 160 km/h and can carry commercial loads of up to 50 kg. At the same time, the BAS-200 can fly for up to 4 hours at altitudes of up to 3,900 meters.

The BAS-200 project development and flight trials are carried out by the Mil and Kamov National Helicopter Center. Today, as part of the business program of NAIS 2022, specialists of the Mil and Kamov National Helicopter Center held the “Opportunities for Business Using UAV. Cases and Outlook” panel discussion, during which industry experts and potential operators reflected on the relevant aspects of developing aviation services market using UAVs.

“Russian Helicopters” Holding (part of Rostec State Corporation) is one of the world leaders in the helicopter industry, the only Russian helicopter designer and manufacturer. Holding was established in 2007. Its headquarters are in Moscow. The holding company includes five helicopter plants, two design bureaus, factories for components production, aircraft repair plants, and a service company providing after-sales support in Russia and abroad. The Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian Interior Ministry, the Russian Emergency Ministry, other government agencies, ”Gazprom Avia” and UTair airlines, large Russian and foreign companies are buyers of holding’s products.

Rostec State Corporation is one of the largest industrial companies in Russia. It unites more than 800 scientific and production enterprises in 60 country regions. Key areas of holding’s activities are aviation engineering, radio electronics, medical technologies, innovative materials, etc. The corporation’s portfolio includes such well-known brands as AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, UAC, Russian Helicopters, Uralvagonzavod, Shvabe, Concern Kalashnikov, etc. Rostec is actively involved in all 12 national projects implementation. The company is a key contributor to Smart City technologies, state administration digitalization, industry, social sectors, 5G wireless technology developing plans, the industrial Internet, big data, and blockchain systems. Rostec acts as a partner of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Boeing, Airbus, Daimler, Pirelli, Renault, etc. The corporation’s products are shipped to more than 100 countries around the world. Almost one-third of the company’s revenue is generated by high-tech products export.