Moscow. 06 July, 2017. TSNIITOCHMASH (the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building, part of Rostec State Corporation) presented the exhibition called 10 Artifacts of the Future – Russian Promising Technologies at the Kinetika High Complexity Prototyping Center at the National University of Science and Technology MISIS.

At the exhibition, TSNIITOCHMASH demonstrated promising combat suit – a new high-accuracy sniper system in two calibers and several other designs – for the first time.

“A year ago, Rostec State Corporation started an industrial design development trend in Russia. Based on Rostec’s concept, TSNIITOCHMASH and the Kinetika Center have developed new generation combat suit for the soldiers of the future,” said Dmitry Semizorov, Director General of JSC TSNIITOCHMASH.

Innovative technologies that have not previously been used were tested for the production of the suit: calculation of the elements’ compatibility, development of camouflage patterns, etc.

The design of a personal combat suit was one of the first successful projects. In the future, TSNIITOCHMASH plans to continue working alongside the prototyping center to develop designs of portable weapons and other types of combat suit.

The key parts of the promising combat suit are armored digital helmet with information screen and armored face protection mask, bulletproof neck protector, light titanium exoskeleton, flexible body armor, protective footgear etc.