Moscow. 08 February 2017. Shvabe, a Russian holding company forming part of Rostec Corporation, delivered a party of laser rangefinders to China. The products will be used for measuring distances in shooting practice.

The LDM-2VK laser rangefinder, which defines target coordinates in the GLONASS and GPS satellite navigation systems, is produced at the holding company’s Shvabe – Defense and Protection enterprise. The device has functions that are not available in many similar instruments. It is listed as one of 100 Best Goods of Russia. The next deliveries to China are scheduled for the third and fourth quarters of 2017.

“Demand for Shvabe products in China is due to its favorable ratio of price, quality and functionality at minimal weight and size. Currently, our Chinese partners are testing the rangefinder in different climatic zones of China. Using the results of the tests, construction of the device can be adapted to the customer’s demands,” said Shvabe deputy general director Ivan Ozhgikhin.

Apart from measuring range, the LDM-2VK calculates the elevation of the target, ambient temperature and atmosphere pressure. The device makes it possibleto automatically calculate corrections for firing various types of small arms, considering the initial velocity and bullet weight, caliber, pitch and direction of the rifling in the bore, ballistic factor and sight height.

Shvabe – Defense and Protection has been working with its Chinese partners for over 15 years, exporting proprietary rifle scopes and night-vision equipment to China.