IMG-20151205-WA0113Chennai. 06 December 15: Extensive rescue and relief operation by Indian Coast Guard continues for the fifth consecutive day in the water logged areas.

More than over 3000 marooned people rescued and evacuated to safer places till date. in addition 8300 food packets, 20000 water bottles,12000 provisions and 3800 bed sheets/blankets were distributed by the Indian Coast Guard rescue team in flood effected areas.

Ten air sorties were undertaken by coast guard helicopters and air dropped about 2000 kgs of relief material. Relief operations were conducted by coast guard in coordination with Suryan FM 93.5 and NGO’s . 1500 water packets , medicine, provisions, blankets and clothing items were distributed to 500 people .

IMG-20151206-WA0002_-_Copyanother Indian Coast Guard relief team was deployed to distribute food material in Jafferkhanpet and distributed 300 food packets besides 300 water bottles/pouches. total 6800 food packets, 3000 bed sheets and 4100 water bottles /pouches have been distributed so far which were provided by state administrations, local agencies and resourced from icg units.

IMG-20151206-WA0008ICG ships Samudra Paheredar and Vigraha with relief materials from vizag have entered chennai today with 12000 kgs of relief materials comprising of dry and fresh provisions for aerial dropping by chetaks/alh. besides this 60,000 water pouches and 150 cans (20 ltrs each) of fresh water has also been brought by ICGS Samudra Paheredar and being distributed.




IMG-20151206-WA0023IMG-20151206-WA0016Total ten air sorties were undertaken today by chetak helicopter and twin engine advance light helicopter. A total of 800 kg relief material was air dropped. aerial dropping of supplies will resume early tomorrow.

Mobile medical camp are being conducted by coast guard in coordination with Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research.