New Delhi. 25 August 2020. A promotion-cum-pipping ceremony of CISF was organized at CISF HQrs, New Delhi and simultaneously at all the Sectors/Zonal Headquarters across the India. Total 2862 non-gazetted personnel have been promoted.

Shri Rajesh Ranjan, DG, CISF

During this COVID pandemic phase, Rajesh Ranjan, DG, CISF took welfare initiatives for the force personnel and gave directions to promote the force personnel (NGOs) to their next rank. To execute this motivational step, the officers and staff of CISF HQrs put their best efforts and maintained liaison & coordination with MHA, for promoting the force personnel. Granting the promotion en-masse to the force personnel, is a visionary step and positive move to uphold the motivation of the personnel in surrounding negative atmosphere.

A total of 2862 various ranks in non-gazetted category have been promoted all over India. Details of promotion to next ranks are as under:-

Asstt. Sub-Inspector/Exe to Sub-Inspector/Exe : 750
Head Constable to Asstt. Sub Inspector/Exe : 716
Head Constable/Min to Asstt. Sub Inspector/Clk : 163
Constable/GD to Head Constable/GD : 1233
Total : 2862

Keeping in view of the COVID menace, only a few Sub-Officers and personnel were invited from Delhi-NCR Units & IGI Airport for putting their rank on promotion during the pipping ceremony held at CISF HQrs, New Delhi. Shri Rajesh Ranjan, DG, CISF and other Senior Officers of CISF present during the function put ranks to these Sub-officer and personnel maintaining due Social Norms and all safety precautions. Similarly, pipping ceremonies were also organized in all the Sectors/Zonal Head Quarters of CISF for promoting the CISF personnel to the next higher rank.

Public Relations Officer/CISF

Rajesh Ranjan, DG, CISF, congratulated all the promoted sub-officers and personnel. He said that regular promotions to the personnel go a long way in enhancing our capabilities and also motivates other personnel to improve and aspire for similar promotion. It thus improves the overall employee morale and job satisfaction and thereby promotes the development of the organization as personnel feel connected with their organization and willingly give their best for its effective functioning and growth. He also added that in the present scenario of negativity, these promotions will not only boost the morale of the personnel but also help to create positive functional atmosphere at work places.