President's Police Medals on the occasion of Republic Day-2023New Delhi, 25th January, 2023: The following Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Officers and men have been awarded with the prestigious President’s Police Medal for Gallantry, President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service, President’s Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service, Police Medal for Meritorious Service and Fire Service Medal for Meritorious Service on the occasion of Republic Day-2023, in appreciation of their outstanding services in various fields.

Police Medal for Gallantry 

  1. Shri Rajesh Singh, Head Constable/GD, ISTRAC Lucknow 

President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service 

  1. Smt Shikha Gupta, Inspector General, Trg, CISF HQrs, New Delhi
  2. Shri Pushkar Singh Rawat, Asstt. Commandant, UPCC Pata
  3. Shri Pulin Mitra, Asstt. Sub Inspector/Exe, IOC Guwahati 

Police Medal for Meritorious Service 

  1. Shri Sachin Badshah, IPS, Dy Inspector General, IGI Airport, New Delhi
  2. Ms Rekha Nambiar, Sr. Commandant, SDSC Sriharikota
  3. Shri Yatendra Negi, Sr. Commandant, GP HQrs, Ahmedabad
  4. Shri Dhiraj Kumar Singh, Commandant, Mumbai Airport
  5. Shri Subrat Kumar Jha, Commandant, NCL Singrauli
  6. Shri Gopal Dutt, Commandant, SSTPS Shaktinagar
  7. Shri Brij Mohan Singh, Dy. Commandant, NTPC Kaniha
  8. Shri Pooran Mal, Asstt. Commandant, DAMEL New Delhi
  9. Shri Uday Kumar Sah, Asstt. Commandant, CISF HQrs, New Delhi
  10. Shri Pati Ram Diwakar, Asstt. Commandant, IOCL Digboi
  11. Shri Sanjoy Kumar Sarkar, Asstt. Commandant, SEZ-I Kolkata
  12. Shri M Ravi, Asstt. Commandant, SS HQ, Chennai
  13. Shri Satya Jeet Singh, Inspector/Exe, RRCAT Indore
  14. Shri Pramendra Pratap Singh, Inspector/Exe, IGI Airport, New Delhi
  15. Shri M N Lakshmi Narasimha  Swamy, Sub Inspector/Exe, SDSC Sriharikota
  16. Ms Anice Joy, Sub Inspector/Exe, BARC-TAPS Tarapur
  17. Shri P Samwilliam, Asstt. Sub Inspector/Exe, CSY Cochin
  18. Shri Sarva Nand Pandey, Sub Inspector/Exe, ASG Varanasi
  19. Shri Awadhesh Kumar Pandey, Asstt. Sub Inspector/Exe, IGI Airport, New Delhi
  20. Shri E Iyyam Pillai, Asstt. Sub Inspector/Exe, IPRC Mahendragiri
  21. Shri Kamal Gurung, Asstt. Sub Inspector/Exe, IOC Guwahati
  22. Shri Rajinder Kumar, Asstt. Sub Inspector/Exe, IOC GR Baroda
  23. Shri Mardansab Noor Basha, Sub Inspector/Exe, KIOCL Kudermukh
  24. Shri Daniel Kutty, Head Constable (Cook), FACT Udyogmandal

President's Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service President’s Fire Service Medal for Distinguished Service 

  1. Shri Harbans Lal, Asstt. Sub Inspector/Fire, NFL Vijaypur
  2. Shri Ch. Venkateswaralu, Asstt. Sub Inspector/Fire, BDL Bhanur

Fire Service Medal for Meritorious Service 

  1. Shri Odedra Rajendra R, Commandant/Fire, CISF HQrs, New Delhi
  2. Shri Om Prakash, Asstt. Commandant/Fire, HTPP Kasimpur
  3. Shri Santosh Kumar Singh, Asstt. Sub Inspector/Fire, IISCO Burnpur
  4. Shri Surjit Singh, Head Constable/Fire, SMPL Chaksu
  5. Shri Ravinder Kumar, Head Constable/Fire, BHEL Bhopal
  6. Shri Ratan Bhowmick, Head Constable/Fire, VSP Visakhapatnam
  7. Shri Dinesh Kumar Singh, Head Constable/Fire, KHSTPP Kahalgaon
  8. Shri Deep Chand Harijan, Head Constable/Fire, BARC-TAPS Tarapur

Further, it is intimated that Shri Rajesh Singh, Head Constable/GD, ISTRAC Lucknow of Central Industrial Security force (CISF) has been conferred with Police Medal for Gallantry (PMG) on the occasion of Republic Day-2023 for his conspicuous gallant action, courage and devotion to duty during major indiscriminate firing incident while he was posted at CISF Unit NPGCL Nabinagar at the time of incident.

Brief of Incident: –

Brief account of Gallant Action (CISF Unit NPGCL Nabinagar)

On 12.01.2017, Constable Balveer Singh of CISF Unit NPGCL Nabinagar (Bihar), who was deployed at Quarter Guard duty, opened indiscriminate fire on his colleagues and killed four personnel. Firing indiscriminately, he moved from the site of old barracks to the new barracks and moved to the rooftop of the new barracks to kill more personnel and civilians.


When Constable Balveer Singh reached the roof top of the new barracks, he was challenged by Head Constable Rajesh Singh, who was unarmed. Knowing that Constable Balveer Singh was in the fit of rage and had a deadly assault weapon with him and it could result in loss of his life, but with sheer sense of determination and to save human lives, he confronted with Balveer Singh. He was able to snatch away the INSAS rifle and then threw the rifle from roof top and thus disarmed him. He also overpowered Constable Balveer Singh and pinned him to the ground, who was later handed over to the Local Police.


Thus, Head Constable, Rajesh Singh exhibited an act of exemplary valour and courage where other were running away to save their lives from the malicious action of Constable Balveer Singh, he took courageous decision to face the life-threatening threat and overpowered Constable Balveer Singh. His act of valour and courage saved many precious lives.