• CEFA Aviation signs a new contract: The Istanbul-based Pegasus Airlines becomes a new client
  • The leading low-cost airline of the country now uses the high-end software CEFA FAS to strengthen flight safety by visualizing the data issued from the flights
 CEFA FAS to animate flight data by Pegasus Airlines

Istanbul. 31 October 2019. “At Pegasus Airlines, we are convinced that it is an absolute necessity to use flight data animation in order to recreate flights in form of animations. Understanding better what happens in the cockpit allows to avoid incidents in the future and thus strengthens flight safety,” explains Captain Murat Cem Alkan, Chief Safety Management & Quality Compliance Monitoring Officer. Xavier Colognac, VP Sales at CEFA Aviation, said “We know that Pegasus uses cutting-edge technologies. That’s why it was obvious for us to propose our high-end software to this fast growing airline focusing on safety.”

According to Capt. Cem Alkan, “What made the difference for Pegasus to buy CEFA FAS for our flight safety team is the capability to create very useful videos of best practices and mistakes to avoid for all airport approaches, in order to show them to our cadets and pilots. This is especially useful to improve safety awareness as Pegasus airlines is continually opening new flight routes to extend its network.” With the latest new routes to Riyadh, Eindhoven, Casablanca and direct flights from Trabzon to Amman, Pegasus now indeed flies 30 million guests per year to a total of 110 destinations in 42 countries.

For Dominique Mineo, CEO and founder of CEFA Aviation, this new client opens the Turkish market which is booming with the touristic growth. The CEO of Pegasus Airlines, Mehmet T. Nane, said: “As Pegasus Airlines, we wholeheartedly believe that the number one priority in the aviation sector is to constantly seek to further improve safety.” Now, Pegasus Airlines takes one step further for a safer sky together with CEFA Aviation.