MGP Dhanraj from DRDO
  • AHSP Transfer of Pinaka done at Pune

New Delhi. 25 September 2020. Authority Holding Sealed Particulars (AHSP) responsibility of Pinaka weapon system was handed over by DRDO to DGQA. AHSP transfer marks successful establishment of production of Pinaka rockets, Launchers, Battery Command Posts, Loader Cum Replenishment and Replenishment Vehicles as well as successful establishment of Quality Assurance processes.

AHSP handing over took place at ARDE, Pune wherein the documentation required by various Production agencies, Quality Assurance agencies, Maintenance agencies and Users were formally handed over by ARDE, HEMRL and VRDE to CQA (A).

Pinaka Weapon System

Pinaka is a free flight artillery rocket system having a range of 37.5 km. Pinaka rockets are launched from a multi barrel rocket launcher which has capability to launch salvo of 12 rockets in 44 seconds. The weapon system is designed and developed by Pune based DRDO lab, Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE) in association with HEMRL, VRDE and CAIR. Pinaka rockets and its ground systems are currently under bulk production at Ordnance Factories, BEML, BEL, Tata Power and L&T Defence.

Joining the event by video conferencing Dr G Satheesh Reddy, Secretary DD R&D and Chairman DRDO described the AHSP transfer as a landmark event in the development of Pinaka Rocket Systems and stated that the Pinaka Rocket Systems will go a long way in fulfilling the requirement of services.

Lt Gen Sanjay Chauhan, Director General of DGQA, CS Vishwakarma, Chairman OFB, Lt Gen K Ravi Prasad, VSM and Director General of Artillery, PK Mehta, Director General of Armament & Combat Engineering Cluster joined the event through video conferencing. Dr V Venkateswara Rao, Director ARDE, KPS Murthy, Director HEMRL, Sangam Sinha, Director VRDE, AV Shinde, Officiating Controller CQA (A) and MGP Dhanraj, DDG, Officiating Controller CQA (ME) were present for the event at ARDE.