Finland, 12th February 2019. Patria has made an agreement with the Kazakh airline Air Astana to train their new pilots. Air Astana chose Patria Pilot Training to train their future pilots till 2022. Patria has now started the training of first six Air Astana´s students in Patria’s facilities in Pirkkala, Finland. The training will take 18 months.

“We are very pleased to have started training of Air Astana´s first students in Finland. We are familiar with Kazakh cadets from our earlier experience, and we are confident that Air Astana´s students will be very successful in their studies and later on in their careers with the Airline”, says Jyrki Myyryläinen, Managing Director of Patria Pilot Training.

“In 2017 and 2018 Air Astana employed 15 Kazakhstan´s Academy of Civil Aviation cadets who graduated earlier from Patria. As of this year we have added Patria as one more of our ab initio training provider. Together with Patria we are looking forward to implementing Air Astana´s first A320 MPL program”, says Filippos Siakkas, Air Astana´s Director of Training.