Mumbai. 17 December, 2015. Air India has introduced a scheme to upgrade passengers on the basis of spot payment of cash at airports. The scheme is called ‘Get Up Front’ and is applicable for both domestic and international sectors.
The upgrade at airport is subject to availability of seats and on First Come First Served Basis and
also subject to the physical presence of a guest at the check-in counter. The scheme is being
publicized through text cards at the airports.
The following measures have been taken to make Air India competitive with private airlines:
i. Induction of brand new aircraft on several domestic & international routes to increase
passenger appeal
ii. Phasing out & grounding of old fleet
iii. On Time Performance (OTP) is being monitored at the highest level within Air India on daily
A video conference is anchored by Integrated Operation Control Centre (IOCC) every day
in which the representatives of operating departments from four regions participate to review the
previous day’s operation and evolve process improvement wherever possible.