Marmande, France. 24 July 2018. Nexteam Group, a leading company for machining complex and hard-metal parts for the aviation, defense and space industries, today announced the acquisition of Mecafi Group, a specialized provider of high-precision mechanical and aluminum parts, especially for engines for the aerospace industry.

The acquisition, pending approval from the French competition regulatory agency (Autorité de la Concurrence), will reinforce Nexteam Group’s core machining offer and position the company as a major European supplier in the aerospace supply chain.

Integrating Mecafi Group in its entirety will position Nexteam Group to achieve its strategic goals of becoming a key player in the aerospace engine market and rounding out its aerospace components portfolio, especially for engines and aluminum structural parts.

The new entity will have more than 1,500 employees and an annual turnover of €250 million ($292 million), and will benefit from economies of scale and complementary expertise for the management of capacities, materials and product portfolios.

Sylvain Accorsini, Mecafi’s president, will remain in the new Group and will manage the Aero-Engines Division. Accorsini will also be a member of the Group’s Executive Committee.

Based in Marmande, France, Nexteam Group specializes in precision mechanics and the machining of complex and hard metal parts for the aerospace and defense industries. It has 900 employees and generates annual revenues of approximately €150 million ($175 million).

The company has six production sites in France, one in Poland, and one in Romania. Mecafi, based in Châtellerault, France, has 700 employees working in three sites in France and one in Poland. It is known for its complex and aluminum parts machining for the aerospace industry, especially for engines, and for components and mechanical subassemblies.

“In a rapidly-changing market, this strategic acquisition allows us to strengthen our position within the aerospace supply chain and continue the dynamic momentum we have built for the Group in recent years,” said Ludovic Asquini, President of Nexteam Group.

“We share Nexteam Group’s vision for our combined markets, based on innovation, driven by investment and oriented towards a strong international presence,” said Sylvain Accorsini, President of Mecafi.

“Beyond our common industrial culture, we also believe that each industrial and commercial project needs motivated, involved and fulfilled employees in order to succeed. Being part of the Group will reinforce our positioning, help launch new developments and enable us to pursue a bright future for the Group,” Sylvain added.

This strategic acquisition by Nexteam Group is the first step in the company’s development since Tikehau Capital became a shareholder in May 2018, joining its long-standing investors ACE Management, GSO Capital and Multicroissance.