Paris. 14 June 2024. Today, Swedish hearing protector provider Sordin launched its new and long-awaited MIL-classified family of tactical headsets, Sordin Supreme T2™. The new products are designed specifically for use in demanding military or law enforcement field operations.

Sordin Supreme T2™ builds on the superior product quality that made the Sordin Supreme brand legendary since the 1980s. But here the similarities with the previous MIL generation end. The T2 is based on new technology from the inside out.

“Every component was developed from scratch to meet the most stringent demands of modern tactical operations and to allow field operators to perform at their best at all times,” said Christian Nilsson, CMO at Sordin.

The electronic high-end headset gives operators a tactical edge through a rare combination of extreme mechanical robustness, reliable radio communications, and natural reproduction of ambient sound – particularly a high directional audio sensitivity.

“We are happy to be able to offer tactical operators our most accurate and fast sense of location to different sound sources ever,” said Roland Pettersson, Head of Tactical Segment at Sordin.

T2 is based on SordinFLEX™, a new self-developed modular design platform. It gave Sordin engineers extended design possibilities, which resulted in more product variants than in previous generations of tactical headsets. In addition, the platform enabled engineers to optimize each component for both quality and versatility.

T2’s far-reaching modularity also allows for individual situational adaptation. Users can re-configure their headset themselves using dedicated SordinFLEX™ accessories, such as separate headband assemblies or suspensions, and a few easy procedures, without the need for tools.

“You can, for example, re-design your T2 from helmet-mounted to headband version for comfortable use at the shooting range, and then simply change back based on need”, concluded Christian Nilsson, CMO at Sordin.

Sordin Supreme T2™ comes in three main design models with different boom microphone setups, each available in headband, neckband or helmet-mounted versions.

Sordin – The Company

The world-class leader in high performance hearing protectors.

Sordin has more than 30 years’ experience developing, manufacturing and selling personal protection equipment above the neck. We offer innovative, high quality and safe products, manufactured in a rational production process. Our customers are found in a variety of different markets such as industry, construction, mining, hunting, military, police, emergency service, and forest and garden. Our products are suitable for all customers requiring high-quality passive or electronical hearing protection.

Customer Benefits – What Sordin can offer:

  •  A wide range of passive and electronical hearing protectors.
  •  Short customer lead times.
  •  Small annual volumes accepted.
  •  Products with documented high quality.
  •  Long experience of developing and manufacturing hearing protectors, helmets and visors.
  •  Long experience working with large global customers as well as small.

End-user benefits:

  •  Comfortable to wear.
  •  Comfortable ear space inside the sealing ring.
  •  Modern and attractive design.
  •  Smooth adjustment for perfect fit.
  •  Guaranteed attenuation levels.