New Delhi, India. 27 June 2019. Seven bodies shifted to a lower area by ITBP mountaineers from where they may be lifted to the nearest ITBP location in a day or two by Helicopters. Once all bodies are shifted, a different Helicopter can take the bodies from the location to Pithoragarh. Due to bad weather, poor visibility and snow accumulation, the search efforts for the 8th dead body has been restricted and the same has not been recovered yet.

The seven bodies of mountaineers which have been recovered by ITBP till now were found roped in together and the 8th mountaineer was believed to be away from them. Hence, his position while avalanche hit them/ Cornice fall has been difficult to be ascertained at the mountain bawl (Search area). The search teams conducted multiple attempts in past 4 days to search the 8th mountaineer, but couldn’t locate the same till now.

The bodies were shifted by ITBP mountaineers to a more open area 500 meters away from the previous site where Helicopters can lift the bodies.