New Delhi. 15 March 2017. In compliance with the provisions of Operation, Management and Development Agreement (OMDA), M/s Delhi International Airport Private Limited (DIAL) has reviewed and updated the Master Plan of IGI Airport, New Delhi in 2016 in consultation with the Airports Authority of India, Sovereign agencies providing reserved services at the airport and with other stakeholders.

The total area of IGI Airport demised to DIAL is 4608.90 acres. The land available is sufficient for executing the expansion plan under the Master Plan, 2016.The updated Master Plan envisages expansion of passenger handling capacity of IGI Airport from existing 62 million passenger per annum (mppa) to 109.3 mppa in a phased manner by way of both Airside and Terminal side developments. The development works include expansion of Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, construction of a new Terminal 4, construction of new runway etc. in three phases starting from 2017 and till 2034.

The design, project cost and other details etc. are finalized during the finalization of the Major Development Plan in compliance with the OMDA. The development works under the updated Master Plan are based on traffic triggers, optimum utilization of Capex, induction of new technologies & best industry practices to enhance passenger experience and further improve service levels and maximization of the use of existing assets by improving operational efficiency, maintaining service levels and safety requirements, etc.