By Sangeeta Saxena

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 06 May 2024. DSA 2024 started with excitement and a continuous flow of visitors.  All roads led to the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) which is hosting the 18th edition of DSA and NATSEC, today.

The organiser’s were excited and claimed that for the region it is an event which stands out as a of innovation and cooperation in the constantly changing world of global security. Hailing it as the biggest and most well-organized Defence and Homeland Security exhibition in Asia, they feel DSA consistently raises the bar for excellence and feel that it is evidence of the progress made in terms of tools, systems, technologies, and electronic warfare in the land, air, and sea domains.

The local defence industry has been urged by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to take advantage of the chance to exhibit Malaysia’s technological innovations and cooperative spirit at the Defence Services Asia (DSA) and National Security (Natsec) Asia 2024 exhibitions.

During the 18th DSA and Natsec Asia 2024 exhibition opening ceremony, he stressed the importance of industry players in shaping Malaysia’s defence landscape and encouraged them to take advantage of this worldwide platform.

He also highlighted the noteworthy contributions made by regional industry participants to Malaysia’s defence industry, praising their commitment and inventiveness. “Carpe diem, I say to our local defence industries. Take advantage of this chance to present our skills and innovations to a worldwide audience. This is your chance to show off your skills; your commitment and creativity have greatly influenced Malaysia’s defence environment. Let your pavilions serve as examples of excellence, showcasing not only our superior technological capabilities but also our dedication to teamwork and cooperation.

This is your chance to show off your knowledge. Let your exhibits serve as shining examples of excellence, showcasing not only our superior technological capabilities but also our dedication to cooperation and partnership,” he stated.

Anwar emphasised the interconnectedness of the problems facing the defence sector and urged participants to collaborate, share knowledge, innovate, and exchange technologies and ideas. In his speech while inaugurating the show, he emphasised the significance of establishing a better future where future generations can prosper in peace, backed by strong defences and strategic partnerships, in response to the theme of the event, “Building Resilient Nations for the Next Generation”.

He emphasised how important it is that this theme be understood on a global scale, particularly in light of the growing threats to prosperity and collective security posed by global issues. Anwar emphasised the threats of the modern era, citing rising cyberattacks that compromise sensitive data and environmental issues that exacerbate tensions. In order to meet these issues and guarantee future prosperity, he emphasised the critical need for coordinated responses.

“A coordinated response is required in light of the growing threats that are driving the world towards an unprecedented turning point. Our so-called second reality, the digital world, is constantly being attacked by cybercriminals who aim to steal our most private information, jeopardising our security and the confidence that underpins our economies and societies. These tensions are exacerbated by resource scarcity and environmental concerns. Climate change affects food security, triggers natural disasters, and uproots communities; it is not a theoretical threat but a real crisis. The spectre of collapsing economies looms large as societies tremble under these pressures, undermining the prospects of prosperity in the future,” he added.

Anwar expressed hope that the talks and events that take place over the next three days would spark constructive change and lead to a more secure future. The PM wants the defence industries in Malaysia to showcase technological advancements made by DSA and

As the hub of business sourcing operations for the Asia Pacific defence and homeland security sector, DSA plays a crucial role. Through the combination of DSA and NATSEC ASIA, significant players in the Defence and Homeland Security sectors are brought together with government organisations to form strategic partnerships, cooperative endeavours, and priceless networking opportunities.

“To sum up, DSA & NATSEC Asia 2024 looks to be a historic occasion that will influence Homeland Security and Defence policy going forward. Unprecedented participation, innovative features, and significant conferences make it an event not to be missed. As we begin our journey towards transformation together, keep checking back for more details and updates,” he ended on a positive note.

MINDEF has over the last 18 years worked hand-in-hand with us to make DSA a world renowned defence event. The Secretary General presides as the DSA Main Organising Committee Chairman, clearly projecting MINDEF’s full support. DSA is greatly indebted to MINDEF for their invaluable support.

The Malaysian Defence Force have also plays an integral role in the success of DSA over the years and it is with their continued support and backing, that DSA continues to achieve greater heights. DSA is also a member of MIDES.

The close cooperation and full support from MOHA for more than three decades has contributed significantly to the success of DSA & NATSEC ASIA over the years. DSA has also over the years garnered the close cooperation and support from the Royal Malaysia Police , The Immigration and Royal Customs Departments.

ADU Editor Sangeeta Saxena covering DSA 2024