Mumbai. 30 August 2018. Mahindra Aerospace Private Limited [MAPL]has signed Botswana’s Major Blue Air Ltd as its first worldwide customer for its Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) certified 10-seater turboprop aircraft, the Airvan 10.

Commenting on Mahindra Aerospace’s first Airvan 10 customer, SP Shukla, Group President- Aerospace, Defence and Steel, Mahindra Group and Chairman- Mahindra Aerospace said, “Tourism companies in Botswana reposed their faith in Mahindra Group when they introduced Airvan 8 in their aircraft fleets. Eventually Airvan proved to be the most suitable aircraft for their tourism operations & scenic flights across the country. We are delighted that Maun in Botswana is among Airvan’s top markets. It is a matter of immense pride to see the first Airvan
10 being introduced in this important market.”

The GippsAero GA10 Airvan, marketed as the Airvan 10, is a 10-seat, turbo prop, single-engined utility aircraft currently being developed by GippsAero of Victoria, Australia. GippsAero is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahindra Aerospace . GippsAero manufactures the Airvan 8 and now, the newly certified Airvan 10, rugged aircraft that are the workhorses of professional fleets around the world.

Arvind Mehra, Executive Director& CEO, Mahindra Aerospace said, “Over last few years, we have enhanced our focus and attention to this very important market. With increasing traffic and 2018 being one of the highest in terms of tourism growth, this market needed a bigger and turbine aircraft. I compliment Major Blue for becoming the first customer of Airvan 10 which very well complements the existing flying fleet of Airvan 8. We look forward to many more of both Airvan 8 and Airvan 10 flying.”

Fully certified, the Airvan 8 and Airvan 10 offer capabilities and versatility that meet the needs of operators who demand performance, reliability and economy. With primary sales and support networks in the United States, Africa, Europe, China and over 25 additional countries, Mahindra Aerospace is rapidly becoming known as a leader in the utility aircraft market.