Paris. 22 April 2019. Naval Group launched the multi-missions FREMM
frigate Alsace. First one of the two air defense frigates of the FREMM program (FREMM DA) destined to the French Navy and benefitting from the
same antisubmarine warfare performances than the preceding units, the Alsace benefits from increased capacities in terms of air defense.

Thirteen months after the keel laying of the first block, the FREMM DA
Alsace is released from the construction form of the Naval Group site of Lorient. Ninth multi-missions FREMM frigate, it is also the seventh one for the French Navy, ordered by the OCCAr on behalf of the DGA. In order to answer the operational requirements, the Alsace FREMM integrates the last evolutions ordered by the OCCAr, according to an unchanged delivery planning.

“The essential of the architecture of the first FREMM designed by Naval Group is conserved but its polyvalence will be increased by enhanced capacities in terms of anti-aerial warfare. These modifications particularly concern the combat system.” says Pierre-Jean Cuisinier, director of the FREMM DA program.The technical adaptations brought by Naval Group are notably translated into a more powerful multifunction radar, reinforced communication tools, three additional consoles for the Combat Management System SETIS® in the combat information center (CIC), with enhanced air defense capacities using the Aster 15 and 30 missiles. In a few days, the FREMM Alsace will also receive its new mast, opitmised in order to increase the detection performances. “This ninth launching is scoring the collaboration between Naval Group, the DGA, the OCCAr and the French
Navy in order to produce ships benefiting from the continuous enhancement of the already produced FREMM. Thanks to the good master of the technological risks but also to the determination and the know-how of the group’s teams, it is a new successful challenge.” explains Nicolas
Gaspard, director of the FREMM programs.

In addition to the ensuring the same anti-submarine warfare missions
than the previous FREMM, the FREMM DA Alsace will have the role of
ensuring the air defense of major units: the Charles de Gaulle aircraft-carrier or an amphibious helicopter-carrier, within an aero-naval or
amphibious group.The Naval Group teams and its numerous partners are mobilized in order to deliver the two anti-air defense frigates Alsace and Lorraine, respectively on the first semester 2021 and on the second
semester 2022.Seven FREMM have been delivered between 2012 and

  • The Aquitaine in 2012, the Provence in 2015, the Languedoc in 2016, the Auvergne in April 2017 and the Bretagne in July 2018.On the
    international side, Morocco received the Mohammed VI in 2014 and Egypt the Tahya Misr in 2015. The Normandie will be delivered in summer 2019 in conformity with the contractual planning.

Technical caracteristics of the air defense FREMM Strongly armed, the FREMM DA Alsace use the most performant weapon systems and
equipment so as: the multifunction Herakles radar, the Aster 15 and 30
and Excocet MM 40 missiles or even the MU 90 torpedo. The performanceof its combat system are reinforced with increased radar and
communication capacities, a new radar and electro-optical fire-lead, and a Combat Management System SETIS® equipped with specific
anti-air defense functions.