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Land Systems

Torsus Praetorian heavy duty off-road 4X4 bus updated

TORSUS PRAETORIAN benefits from all-new technical updates for 2021 Updates for PRAETORIAN include new LED lights, advanced air conditioning system, new safety-enhancing passenger door and…

Nexter prepares the future of battle tank armament

Paris. 15 April 2021. Leaning on its expertise in battle tank armament, illustrated by the Leclerc’s self-loading gun, and on the excellence of its ammunition…

Elbit Systems Acquires BAE Systems Rokar

Haifa, Israel. 01 April 2021. Elbit Systems Ltd. announced the acquisition of BAE Systems Rokar International Ltd. (“Rokar”) from BAE Systems, Inc., the U.S. headquartered subsidiary…

Happy Gunners's Day to all the Gunners serving and veterans. You are all second to none and live and breath the corps welfare . May all your efforts add to making Indian Artillery Corps the best in the world. ADU salutes Indian Artillery Corps.