Paris. 09 June 2016. J&S Franklin will be demonstrating the logistical advantages of DefenCell Barriers which are a cellular, textile containment system that can be filled with various materials; soil, sand, gravel or small rocks, to build a wide variety of structures for perimeter security and HVM protection.
DefenCell Force Protection system offers enormous logistical advantages compared to other deployable systems. Up to ten times lighter and five times more compact than other gabions, DefenCell cuts delivery costs, uses less supply chain resources and is more effectively deployed to forward positions.
All components are lightweight, easy to handle and man portable combined with modular packaging which gives significant improvements in storage and transport costs.
All units are packed in standard pallets, 20 or 40 per ISO container and one 20’ ISO container will build a barrier more than 450 m long and2.7 meters high.
Defencell’s cellular structure provides its strength combined with built-in redundancy so if one cell is damaged the ones behind will continue to provide protection and stability.
Unlike other gabions DefenCell units are 100% textile so there is no secondary shrapnel, no RF interference and no rust.