• New solution digitizes and integrates operational processes to streamline operations
  • Improves crew planner productivity while ensuring regulatory compliance
  • ARINC Integrator brings together 50 different systems in a single platform

Seoul. 30 July 2020. South Korea-based Jin Air has selected Collins Aerospace Systems’ full suite of ARINC aviation resource management systems and ARINC Integrator — a software tool that integrates data across new and existing airline IT and operational environments to streamline operations. The combination brings together 50 systems on a single-optimized platform to maximize the flow and use of data to optimize airport operations.

The aviation resource management system is a turnkey, cloud-based platform comprised of modules that help airlines manage aircraft, fuel and cabin crew expenses and enable around-the-clock global operations. The ARINC Integrator simplifies the complexities involved in managing various data sources by connecting applications not designed to work together into a fully integrated solution.

Jung-ho Choi, CEO of Jin Air, said, “Collins Aerospace provided us with technology innovations that not only transformed our airline operations digitally, they also created value and drove new efficiencies in our business.”

Clotilde Enel-Rehel, general manager for Commercial Aviation & Network Services for Collins Aerospace, agreed, saying, “A more connected and intuitive system enables an airline to become more efficient in resource management and effective in strategic decision making. It is more important than ever that we support our customers to ensure that critical operation data gets transmitted in a timely and accurate manner.”

The ARINC aviation resource management system is a collaboration with Laminaar Aviation Infotech, which designs and produces innovative solutions for the global aviation and airline markets.