New Delhi. 19 December 2016. A two day meeting of the members of India Pakistan Soldiers Initiative for Peace (IPSI) , India Chapter was held.

The meeting deliberated on, and discussed the current situation  options for a way forward to resolve the issues facing the two nations. The members were of the unanimous view that it is in  national interest of our two nations to encourage and promote  bilateral relations and engage in Track 2 constructive dialogue in order to ameliorate the sufferings and hardships of common people.

It was resolved that all  efforts for normalization and improvement of relations by individuals, organizations, civil societies and groups like IPSI must continue with  efforts to resolve issues and enhance  people to people contact and  contribute to normalization of relations between the two nations.

For the meeting, a message was received from President IPSI, Pakistan Chapter  Lt Gen Humayun Khan Bangash,  “ I am glad to learn that IPSI India is meeting on the Dec 18 to review the current state of Indo Pak relations and chalk out the future course of action. As I wrote in my last correspondence, Indo Pak relations have never been a bed of roses but the situation at present has dimmed the hopes and brought in a feeling of despondency and helplessness for those of us who have worked so hard for peace and  prosperity of the two countries. I genuinely feel that it is in times like this; IPSI becomes relevant and places responsibility on our shoulders to make genuine efforts. Do we not have the example of DIDI who took the bold steps and broke the ice when the troops of the two countries were facing eyeball to eyeball. I wish you success in your endeavors. I also hope that the sense will prevail on our leaders & media that the path to prosperity and well being of one & half billion people of the subcontinent cannot be achieved by saber rattling. With Warmest Regards and fervent prayers for the success of endeavors “. Humayun Khan Bangash.

IPSI was founded by the late Gandhian Parliament Member  Ms Nirmala Deshpande and mainly comprises of retired personnel of the Armed forces in India and Pakistan and peace activists. The focus of the  meeting was to strategize  a roadmap to evolve a way forward to  cement and revive bonds  and improve  the relationship between the two nations so that both the counties can economically prosper and  improve the conditions of the poor, as the sub continent still continues to be the poorest in the world. The meeting was attended by a large number of  members of India Chapter chaired by Lt Gen Moti Dar from Pune and few political leaders were invited for views.

IPSI nurtures the core values of peaceful coexistence  enunciated by the Late MP  Deshpande,  popularly known as ‘Didi’,  and was admired by  countries of the region for her devoted  and  selfless services to promote peace and harmony,  without considerations of caste or  creed. She was awarded Padma Vibhushan by Govt of India, Sitara-I-Imtiaz the second highest civil honors by Govt of Pakistan and a  host of other high ranking awards by number of organizations for her services  in the region.