• Indra’s next-generation electronic defence and navigation radar systems will enhance the operational capability of the six Type 212CD submarines, enabling the Norwegian and German navies to meet new naval and multi-domain combat scenarios
  • Indra, as a leading company in the global defence market, driving the digital transformation of the most advanced European armed forces, preparing them to identify and respond to new, more sophisticated and diverse threats, with the incorporation of technologies linked to artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and virtual reality, among others

Madrid, June 29, 2022. Indra, a leading global engineering technology company for the aerospace, defence and transport sectors, has been awarded contracts by Norway’s Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace for more than 70 million euros to equip the combat systems of future Type 212CD (Common Design) submarines with intelligent electronic defence systems incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, and low interception probability navigation radars, to ensure maximum capabilities to fulfill every mission and speed up decision-making.Submarine

Indra CEO Ignacio Mataix said: “With these contracts, Indra strengthens its position as one of the leading European cutting-edge technology engineering companies for the platforms that will mark the future of defence, contributing to European autonomy and sovereignty. At Indra we are working in the digitalization of the most advanced armed forces of the world, preparing them to face the new challenges emerging in the coming decades”.

The company will equip the four submarines of the Norwegian navy and the two bought by the German navy with a cutting-edge electronic warfare intelligent system based in the wideband interception and analysis of the signals, the use of interferometry to determine the position of potential threats and the digital reception technology for the generation of radar and communications intelligence. Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques incorporate the capacity to adapt to future threats. The system also has a combined antenna integrated into the mast to optimize the use of the platform.

The X band radar represents Indra’s investment to equip these submarines with dual continuous wave radars involving high-precision detection pulse and low probability of interception. It is a solid-sate digitized system with a high-frequency agility and bandwidth, able to detect targets with low radar cross-section in the worst electromagnetic clutter conditions, resisting jamming attempts by adversaries.

The Indra suite of systems will be integrated with Kongsberg’s ORCCA combat system, playing a key role to provide situational awareness above that of adversaries.

Indra takes on this project with the experience of having equipped this same submarine model, the Type 212A, with its systems in the earlier version of the one now in operation in the German, Italian and Portuguese Navies. The company now joins a very ambitious international project that allows it to establish a strategic relationship with the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace (KDA).

The future of defence is digital

Indra is one of the leading global engineering technology companies serving the Defence industry and a leader in the industry’s digitalization. Its state-of-the-art solutions for Land, Sea and Air, Space and Cyberspace range from operations with end-to-end defence systems and systems on board the most advanced platforms to training with cutting-edge simulation systems. As an expert in radar, electronic defence, command and control and communication technologies, Indra incorporates artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality and combat clouds in its cutting-edge critical systems. Indra is the Spanish industrial coordinator of the FCAS, the largest and most advanced Defence program in Europe. It is the Spanish company that coordinates the most projects in the European defence sector, and participates in a large number of international projects, such as the Eurofighter aircraft and the A400M. The company exports its radars to five continents and is the principal supplier to NATO.

As a global leading company in engineering technology for the aerospace, defence and mobility sectors, Indra is its customers’ technology partner for digitization and key operations around the world. Its team of experts and its in-depth knowledge of those businesses and the latest technology, and its leadership in major European innovation programs and projects to design the next generation of technological solutions, give it a differential offering and enable Indra to lead unique, highly innovative projects that will transform the future of these sectors on a global scale in the coming years.