• The company has certified three proprietary cloud solutions in One Commercial Partner (OCP), Microsoft’s catalog that recognizes the maximum excellence in the services of its partners, thus simplifying and optimizing its relationships with potential clients.
  • Indra’s leading cloud-based solutions for the airlines market have become prominent in the industry with unique proposals for revenue accounting, travel booking and the inclusion of discounts and promo codes.

Spain. 4 JULY 2018. Indra has increased the visibility of its solutions for airlines on the global stage, unveiling a new channel for relations with new clients from other countries that will let the company increase its activity and make its technology available to even more airlines with differential applications for the sector. This was made possible thanks to the inclusion of three proprietary cloud solutions in Microsoft’s official Service Catalog, which propels the company’s offer into other fields and recognizes the maximum excellence in the services of its partners to simplify and optimize its relationships with potential clients. Indra thus can move forward in its commitment to provide its clients with cutting-edge technology through new business models enabling flexibility and adaptation to the present needs of a demanding market.

In particular, the three solutions included in this catalog are: SuitAir RAS, the airline revenue accounting system; SuitAir IBE, an internet booking engine enabling airlines to manage ticket bookings from an online platform; and SuitAir Promocodes, a system for managing and launching promotions and campaigns. After certifying each solution to create new opportunities for clients and developing them together with Microsoft, Indra was able to access Partner Sales Connect (PSC), an application that lets the company collaborate with Microsoft sales teams in managing the pipeline and closing deals.

The agreement provides Indra with immediate participation in the different stages of the business; a greater control over growth by being able to choose opportunities that match the company’s immediate marketing and business needs; and extensive visibility with access to new clients worldwide. “It is useful for expanding our business, attracting clients and generating more revenues. It will also give us greater visibility as a preferential provider and increase the exposure of our portfolio, thus paving the way for mutual opportunities and a high level of interaction,” explains Emilio Mora, Airlines Director at Indra.

The service is part of an agreement signed between Indra and Microsoft years ago that has enabled the company to improve and expand its range of cloud-based services while implementing a pioneering hybrid cloud solution in 2014 capable of providing infrastructure services to clients worldwide from Spain. Collaborations such as this one and others with the main partners in the sector have helped Indra strengthen its Airlines Division in the Industry and Consumer market and further consolidate its position as one of the leading partners in helping the airline industry achieve the highest levels of excellence in its business processes.