Pune, India. 29 May 2021. The design was first unveiled by PT Lundin as the Fire Support Vessel (FSV) concept at the 2014 Indo-defence exhibition in Jakarta and is based on a foil-assisted catamaran hull that is primarily constructed from carbon composite material and designed to operate in shallow waters with a draft of just one metre.

The Tank Boat is derived from PT Lundin Industry Invest’s X18 Tank Boat platform, while PT Len Industri and PT Hariff Daya Tunggal Engineering will supply the communications equipment and battle management system (BMS), respectively.

In a public statement, the state-owned defence company PT Pindad said, “The tank boat can carry 60 personnel and 5 crew, has a maximum speed of 40 knots and a cruising range of up to 600 Nautical miles. Equipped with the main weapon RCWS cannon calibre 30 mm and 2 machine guns 12.7 mm, Tank Boat is ready to protect the sovereignty and defend the territorial waters of the Republic of Indonesia. The Tank Boats are expected to support the Indonesian National Armed Forces in carrying out swamp, sea, river and coastal operations as well as sea and coast guard duties.”