New Delhi. 08 Mar 2017. An   infantry   battalion   level   joint   exercise   between   Indo-Nepal   Armiesnamed SURYA KIRAN-XI  is scheduled to be practicing counter insurgency drillsat Pithoragarh from 07 to 20 March 2017.
SURYA KIRAN is conducted every year, alternatively in India and Nepal,with   an   aim   to   promote   military   relations   while   increasing   interoperability   in conducting   joint   counter   insurgency   operations   in   mountainous   terrain.   Both armies   stand   to   benefit   mutually   from   each   other’s   experience   in   fighting insurgency,  environmental conservation, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) etc.
Such mutual interactions, which include sharing of experiences, have the potential to further strengthen cultural and historical ties between the two nations and take the bilateral relations forward. Present iteration of the SURYA KIRAN exercise   is being  conducted  under the  aegis  of  Panchshul  Brigade  in  Surya Command.