Indian Navy develops ultraviolet disinfection facilities Indian Navy develops ultraviolet disinfection facilities



Indian Navy develops ultraviolet disinfection facilities

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Naval DockyardMumbai. 28 May 2020. Naval Dockyard (Mumbai) has manufactured a UV sanitisation bay which will be utilised for decontamination of tools, clothes and other miscellaneous items, to control spread of the coronavirus. The challenging task required ingenuity to convert a large common room into a UV bay by fabrication of aluminum sheets electrical arrangements for UV-C lighting.

Naval DockyardThe facility utilises UV-C light source for Germicidal Irradiation towards sterilising items. Studies by reputed research agencies have proven the effect of UV-C on respiratory pathogens like SARS, Influenza etc. It has been observed that microbial pathogens become significantly less viable when exposed to UV-C of intensity 1 J/cm2 for 1 min or more, indicating effective sterilisation.

Naval Station A similar facility has also been set up at Naval Station (Karanja), where in addition to UV-C steriliser, an industrial oven has also been placed, which heats smaller sized belongings to 60°C, a temperature known to kill most microbes. The facility is placed at the entry/ exit points where it will help in mitigating COVID-19 transmission

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