Visakhapatnam. 01 December 2016. As the cyclone Nada is building up over South West Bay of Bengal and is poised to strike the Tamilnadu and Puducherry coast, the Eastern Naval Command has assumed high degree of readiness to render necessary humanitarian assistance.

Two Indian Naval ships Shakti and Satpura are standing by to proceed to the most affected areas to undertake Humanitarian Aid Distress Relief (HADR), evacuation, logistic support including providing medical aid. These ships are embarked with additional divers, doctors, inflatable rubber boats, integral helicopters and relief material that include food, tentage, clothes, medicines, blankets etc, in quantities sufficient to sustain over 5000 personnel. Additionally INS Ranjit presently deployed in the Bay of Bengal has been positioned off Tamilnadu coast and would be the first responder for HADR operation, if required.

ENC is monitoring the developments closely and Flag Officer Tamilnadu & Puducherry Naval Area is in constant communication with the State Administration to augment rescue and relief operations. Naval aircraft are also standing by at the Naval Air Stations Rajali and Dega to undertake reconnaissance, rescue, casualty evacuation and air drop of relief material to the stranded. Additionally, diving teams with Gemini boats and four platoons with additional relief material are ready to be pressed into action at short notice.