London. 08 April 2024. During UDT 2024 in London (which will take place from 9-11 April 2024), Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will demonstrate a wide range of innovative, ground-breaking and cost-effective defence solutions that provide combat-proven and decisive performance for undersea defence and maritime applications.

At the forefront of its offerings this year will be the Israeli-developed uncrewed submarine, the BlueWhale. This large uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) has successfully conducted thousands of hours of submerged autonomous covert intelligence-gathering operation, to detect submarines and gather acoustic intelligence. The BlueWhale UUV uses radar and electro-optical systems, fitted on a telescopic mast, to detect sea and coastal targets, and is also equipped with dedicated sonars to enable detection of both manned and unmanned submarines, as well as map mines on the seabed. At the accompanying conference, IAI-ELTA and Atlas Elektronik representatives will present a detailed account of the BlueWhale-ASW system performance at REPMUS and DYMS 2023