India, 26 August, 2016 . Honeywell’s SmartRunway and SmartLanding system has received industry approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency for use on the Boeing 737 Next Generation airliner, the first aircraft approved to operate this technology in Europe.

A key benefit to airlines who use the SmartRunway and SmartLanding system is its ease of install via flight-deck modifications and an Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System upgrade. This upgrade is now eligible for funding from Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR), which enables operators to receive grants toward the cost of implementing the system on their fleets.

 “Reducing the occurrence of runway-related incidents and accidents is the industry’s greatest safety challenge today,” said Mike Beazley, vice president, Global Sales, Honeywell Aerospace. “Our SmartRunway and SmartLanding system addresses global safety concerns on runways by offering customers greater protection against multiple runway incursion and excursion risks during taxiing, takeoff and landing.”

 Runway excursions are the most frequent types of accidents in the aviation industry, with an average of one airline incident per day. In addition, runway safety is the No. 1 priority for global aviation safety experts, according to the International Air Transport Association. Pilots look to cockpit technologies such as Honeywell’s SmartRunway and SmartLanding system to improve situational awareness and identify potential safety risks during takeoff and landing.

The system advises and warns flight crews of potentially unsafe conditions, so they can mitigate accidents such as runway overturns, veer-offs or use of incorrect runways. Airlines may also benefit from lower insurance premiums by proactively reducing their risks of runway accidents.

Honeywell’s earlier technology, Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS) — a safety solution that improves runway situational awareness for pilots — has also been identified by SESAR as a key technology in reducing the potential for runway incursions and excursions. As a result European airlines will be able to take advantage of grants when acquiring and installing RAAS.
Honeywell’s approved SmartRunway and SmartLanding system is available as an upgrade on Boeing 737 Next Generation airliners. This summer a Europe-based, low-cost airline will be the first operator to install the system.