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Hirth Engines launches new company website

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Stuttgart. 22 November 2018. World-leading designer and manufacturer of two-stroke engines, Hirth Engines has launched a new website and customer portal, heralding ambitious expansion plans and implementation of a global market-focused strategy.

Alongside the rollout of the new corporate identity and redesigned website, to coincide with a US distributor roadshow later in November, Hirth Engines has refined their product catalogue with a focus on providing the best in two-stroke technologies across a range of sectors including manned and unmanned aircraft, hovercraft, snowmobiles and portable fire engine pumps.

Based near Stuttgart, with global sales operated from Vienna, Hirth Engines has a long pedigree in the development of propulsion systems, stretching back to 1927.

According to Peter Lietz, Director of International Sales and Services at Hirth Engines, the company has set its sights on consolidating its leading role in the development of two-stroke engines for a range of diverse sectors.

Next generation R&D will focus on hybrid engines, based on the company’s winning formula of providing easy to maintain power to weight ratio propulsion technology across civilian and military applications.

“We are determined to future-proof the business going forward and improve the customer experience in tandem with developing an enhanced portfolio for the global market. As we continue to grow Hirth Engines and expand internationally, we’re excited by the opportunity to advance relationships with a growing global distributor network,” added Lietz.

At the core of the business, Hirth Engines has a strong focus on customer engagement and developing dependable two-stroke products, alongside a comprehensive R&D programme.

Bruno König, COO & Group CFO explained: “Two-stroke engines have long been the foundation of Hirth Engines, but we have exciting plans to research new innovations in hybrid systems to future-proof the business and provide the best choice in propulsion technologies for our customers across all markets.

“We’re always looking at future trends and talking to customers and distributors in the market to keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry as it evolves. We are committed to providing the very best products and service to our customers and ensuring they have parts and service support worldwide.”

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