Paris.  16 June 2024 . GMH Gruppe, a German pioneer in green steel produced with electricity, announces its first participation at Eurosatory, the leading defence and security trade fair, held in Paris from June 17-21, 2024. As a strategic initiative, GMH Gruppe is committed to enhancing the European Union´s defence capabilities, while supporting industry decarbonisation.

With a focus on sustainable transformation, GMH Gruppe has developed and validated its CO2-reduced steel products to help the defence sector reduce its carbon footprint. The company’s die forging products, created using electric ovens, achieve an 80% reduction in emissions (scopes 1 and 2), compared to traditional blast furnaces. Additionally, GMH Gruppe’s commitment to the circular economy is demonstrated by its use of nearly 100% scrap metal in production.

“We believe that the freedom, security, and stability of Germany and the European Union depends on investing in defence. And as in all other industries, decarbonisation plays an important role. We are ready to produce CO2-reduced steel products to support this effort,” says Dr Alexander Becker, CEO of GMH Gruppe.

GMH Gruppe offers a wide array of products, from hot-rolled pre-products to various forging techniques and validated cast shapes, all tailored to meet the stringent demands of the defence sector. The company’s extensive experience and high level of vertical integration enables it to achieve the necessary technical validation for certain requirements, particularly in the casting sector, as per BAAINBW standards.

Key Products and Components

Peeled steel bars. The basis for GMH Gruppe’s high-tech products is peeled bright steel. The bars, peeled to the tightest tolerances, fulfil the highest standards in terms of dimensional accuracy.

Forgings. GMH produces forgings for applications such as large engines, the military, trains, mechanical engineering, power generation, special vehicles, and many other areas. The products are forged from low to high alloy steel. The group offers forged products in raw, pre- machined, post-machined and ready-to-install conditions.

GMH also uses its entire technical potential to produce open-die forgings that meet the special requirements of the defence industry. This includes a wide range of contours, specific heat treatments and a broad spectrum of pre-machining and finishing options. The group works with optimised material allowances that significantly reduce the need for downstream machining.

Seamless rolled rings. GMH Gruppe’s plants manufacture seamless rolled rings, flanges, and wheel tires to the highest standards. This expertise has made GMH the world’s leading manufacturer of ring blanks. These rings are the right choice wherever extreme loads and compliance with high safety standards are required. The production processes save materials and utilise a variety of special tools to achieve the specified hub and rim contours.

Cast products. GMH Gruppe supplies its customers with high-quality iron and steel casting solutions for their applications along the entire value chain. From design to delivery, GMH experts combine the expertise gained from 200 years of experience in the steel industry to fulfil even the most complex, highly individual requirements. GMH company Pleissner Guss GmbH has received WTD 91 approval for armoured steel castings.

HNS steels. Nitrogen-alloyed steels (HNS) such as Cronidur® 30 have unique properties for highly demanding and safety-critical applications. They are characterised by very high strength and firmness, with high corrosion and temperature resistance. In addition, they possess, excellent grinding and polishing potential, good wear resistance and high degrees of purity, together with extension/stabilization of the austenite range.