First Sea Sortie of Sixth Scorpene Submarine ‘Vaghsheer’New Delhi. 19 May 2023. The sixth submarine of Project 75, Yard 11880, Indian Navy’s Kalvari class commenced her sea trials on 18 May 23. The submarine was launched in 20 Apr 22 from the Kanhoji Angre Wet Basin of Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDL). Vaghsheer is scheduled for Delivery to the Indian Navy in early 2024 after completion of these trial.

MDL has ‘Delivered’ three submarines of the Project – 75 in 24 months and the commencement of sea trials of the sixth submarine is a significant milestone. This is indicative of the boost towards AatmaNirbharBharat.

First Sea Sortie of Sixth Scorpene Submarine ‘Vaghsheer’The submarine will now undergo intense trials of all its systems at sea, these include propulsion systems, weapons and sensors.

INS Vagsheer (S26) is the sixth submarine of the first batch of six Kalvari-class submarines for the Indian Navy. It is a diesel-electric attack submarine based on the Scorpène class, designed by French naval defence and energy group Naval Group and manufactured by Mazagon Dock Limited, an Indian shipyard in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The ship was launched on 20 April 2022.

Capable of enemy radar evasion, area surveillance, intelligence gathering, advanced acoustic silencing techniques, low radiated noise levels, hydro-dynamically optimised shape. Ability to launch a crippling attack on the enemy using precision guided weapons with both 18 torpedoes and tube-launched anti-ship missiles at the same time, underwater or on surface, 18 torpedoes for anti-submarine warfare and anti-surface warfare, stealth technology enabled Kalvari-class submarine is 221 feet long, 40 feet high, it has 20 kmph speed at sea surface level, 37 kmph below it, 350 metres underwater submerging limits for 50 days, 360 battery cells runs its diesel-electric submarine.

The submarine has been named after the INS Vagsheer (S43), a Vela-class submarine of the Indian Navy which was in service from 1974 to 1997.Vagsheer refers to a type of sandfish found in the Indian Ocean.