vocational training program

Saint Cloud. 06 September 2022. In the frame of the Dassault Skill Academy in India the first promotion of 19 trainees of the “Aeronautical Structure and Equipment Fitter” vocational training program successfully graduated in June 2022.

Dassault Aviation is committed to support to the “Skill India” initiative of Prime Minister MODI and therefore decided to setup in July 2019 a strategic partnership with the Indian Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, From December 2019 to the end of June 2022, first batch of 19 students have been selected, trained and received their diplomas after complete courses by French teachers at the Government Industrial Training Institute (GITI) in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Their willingness, assiduity and pugnacity, despite COVID crisis, have been rewarded as 90% of them have been already hired by Indian aerospace companies such as TASL, INDAMER, SAFRAN, DRAL and the list is not exhaustive.

These 19 students will be followed by another batch of 40 trainees who will graduate end of September next after completing a two years program. And in August 2022, a third promotionn of 40 students joined the program This vocational training program aim at creating and nurturing a ‘best-in-class’ pool of Indian talents from the public education system, for the benefit of the entire aero-defence manufacturing eco-system in India toward self-reliance in the design, development and production of aeronautical equipment and platforms matching the highest standards in this field.

This program is conducted while training in parallel Indian teachers and instructors to take over from the French teachers / instructors with the aim to prepare the future educators to spread the program to other vocational high schools for a complete Indian autonomous process by mid-2024.

This will contribute to foster the outreach of all Indian students keen of innovation, technology and aeronautics and to create a highly qualified manpower, throughout the entire spectrum of educational levels from Vocational to Higher Education serving India’s youth professional fulfillment and participating to Indian economic prosperity.