Berlin. 29 November 2019 .  “Today, the digital geopolitics helps us define the complex picture of the relations between countries, cultures and technologies where take place those dynamics that directly involve all sectors and, particularly, the Defense and the Security.

In the scenario of a multi-domain future, cyberspace and electromagnetic spectrum sectors will be crucial.

Within this framework, Europe needs to consider a defense and security model solid and distinct from the ones presented by US and China, which are spreading throughout the world their own geopolitics model.

As per the Defense sector, the ‘digital’ has already shown up and it will be even more significant in the foreseeable future: F-35 Tempest, FCAS are wider and further complicated than a sole platform, because they stand on the reliable interconnection and distribution of data and information. These are the assets of Defence and Cybersecurity that Europe needs to implement as the distinctive feature of its own model.

I figure out a European model founded on a projection of our Soft Power, inspired by the core values of our continent, starting with the best practice within the European Collaborative Programs, establishing itself in full respect of multilateral transatlantic alliances’ system, leading Europe to the leadership in digital technologies, at the heart of a proper European model of Security and Defense.

For this to happen, the industrial collaborations will have to liaise with the political evolution of the European defense, by strengthening the sustainability at the same time.”