Paris. 14 June 2016. Delair-Tech, a designer of professional drone solutions, and ECA, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, specialized in high-tech robotics, announced their partnership for the development of a tactical   mini-drone   specifically   for   the   defense   sector.

The   novel partnership of a French agency and an SME make it possible to combine agility and innovative capacity with a commercial network and expertise in the world-renowned defense sector. A joint offer of a tactical mini-drone for the defense sector Within  the  framework  of  their  partnership,  Delair-Tech  and  ECA are launching a joint offer of a long-endurance tactical mini-drone specifically for the defense sector.

The first product offered in this framework is the DT26M,  a  Mini-Drone  Reconnaissance  System,  completely  designed and produced in France. This observation drone can be deployed in less than  10  minutes  from  any  theater  of  operation.  Silent  and  discreet,  it makes  it  possible  to  carry  out  reconnaissance  missions  within  a  30  km radius of action. Its cutting-edge gyrostabilized turret gives it observation capabilities unequaled for this size drone.

Used  both  to  ensure  the  security  of  a  vehicle  convoy  as  well  as  the success  of  the  most  complex  land  operations,  the  mini  observation drones are indispensable tools for making tactical decisions on land. The  solution  offered  by  Delair-Tech  and  ECA  has  long  been  proven under  extreme  conditions  (desert,  tropical,  and  mountainous  climates, cold,  dust,  wind,  etc.) This  mini-drone,  of  composite  materials  weighing 15  kg,  is  capable  of  flying  for  2-1/2  hours,  and  is  equipped with  visible cameras and infrared, making it possible, for example, to see humans up to 2.5 km away, or vehicles from up to 10 km away.