New Delhi. 06 November 2016. Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi on 04th November 2016 to establish ‘Joint  Advanced Technology Centre’ (JATC). The  aims and  objectives  of JATC are as under:

 Aim: To facilitate and undertake directed basic and applied research in the focused areas of DRDO for defence and security needs, and emerge as a world-class Centre of Excellence.

 Objectives: To undertake and facilitate multidisciplinary directed basic and applied research in the identified research verticals:

  • Advanced Ballistics, Special Structures, and Protection Technologies;
  • Advanced Electromagnetic Devices and Terahertz Technologies;
  • Brain Computer Interface and Brain Machine Intelligence;
  • Photonic Technologies, Plasmonics and Quantum Photonics,
  • Smart and Intelligent Textile Technologies

 To collaborate with the academic researchers & faculties at IIT Delhi and other institutes in the country, industries and DRDO laboratories for creating new knowledge and translating them into cutting-edge technologies for defence.

 Major Terms and Conditions of MoU are as under:

  • IIT Delhi shall provide necessary space to DRDO within the Research Park of IIT Delhi.
  • A lease agreement between DRDO and IIT Delhi for a period of 25 years will be executed. This would be extendable beyond 25 years on mutually agreed terms.
  • DRDO will provide one-time financial support of Rs 45 Cr to IIT Delhi for civil construction and infrastructure to set up the JATC.
  • Technical facilities for JATC and their maintenance will be supported by DRDO through projects and technical activities. These assets will be the property of DRDO.
  • For initial five years, DRDO will provide grants to JATC in meeting its administrative and technical operational needs.
  • DRDO will also extend its test ranges, test and evaluation facilities, wherever required, in support of directed research at JATC.
  • IIT Delhi along with  DRDO  will  be  jointly  responsible  for  the  operations  and performance of JATC in meeting its set objectives and vision.

 Likely Expenditure to be incurred for JATC: The government has sanctioned Rs.284.16 Cr for its civil construction, infrastructure, research projects and running cost for initial five years.

 JATC was sanctioned in October 2016. The Centre is likely to start functioning by 31st March 2017. DRDO has taken initiative to undertake and promote directed research in advanced technology areas in academic ambience.

 Centres of Advanced Technologies have been established in premier institutes in the country, like IIT-Bombay, IIT-Delhi and Jadavpur University. Advanced technologies in identified thrust areas evolving through Centres shall be utilized in the development of futuristic defence systems.