New Delhi. 24 November, 2015. The BSF contingent for United Nations Organisation Stabilisation Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) was flagged off today by D K Pathak, Director General, BSF.

The Indian Formed Police Unit-II (10th BSF Contingent) proceeding on BSF UN Peacekeeping Mission at DR Congo has a total strength of 135 personnel and will perform the duties of FPU-II (Formed Police Unit-II) at Congo. The party comprises of 07 Officers, 07 Subordinate Officers and 121 members of Other Ranks. The contingent is being led by Shri O P Upadhyaya, Commandant BSF. This is the tenth consecutive contingent of the BSF to Democratic Republic of Congo and will be deployed from December 2015 for one year.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is located in the centre of Africa covering an area of approx 2,345,410 Sq Kms and shares approximately 10,730 Kms of border with neighbouring countries. Kinshasa is the political capital as well as HQrs of UN Peace Keeping Mission.


The Democratic Republic of Congo is almost as large as Eastern Europe in terms of size and is the third largest country of Africa, bordering with Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Democratic Republic of Congo has been placed under UNO due to gross violations of human rights and internal disturbances.

To meet the prevailing Challenges in Democratic Republic of Congo, BSF Contingent have been trained with specific reference to combat the menace of civil war and assist the local-police in maintaining Law & Order. A Specific capsule training was imparted by the BSF to the Peace Keeping Mission Personnel including knowledge of French language, Mob dispersal, riot control, protective patrolling, driving, aid to civilian, human rights etc as per the guide lines of the UN.