Paris. 09 May 2023. The VBCI PHILOCTETES which Nexter unveiled for the first time at DEFEA 2021, was presented during a demonstration to the Hellenic Army on the Canjuers camp (France) in April 2023;

After signing a partnership with Hellenic Defense Systems in 2022, Nexter and the Saracakis company are exploring the possibilities of a collaboration to localize the support of the PHILOCTETES in Greece, thus increasing the benefits for the local industry;

From 9 to 11 May 2023, Nexter presents the different versions of its VBCI PHILOCTETES and its solutions at the DEFEA 2023 exhibition in Athens, Greece.

A live demonstration in Canjuers for the Greek army

At the beginning of April, Nexter was pleased to welcome a delegation from the Greek army at the Canjuers military camp to present the PHILOCTETES through a demonstration of its capabilities: static and moving shots using its T40 turret, tactical mobility on the camp’s various terrains, and feedback from French soldiers who have operated the VBCI (MkI) in external operations. These three days enabled representatives of the Greek army to gain a detailed understanding of the solution proposed by Nexter, in response to their future requirements in terms of mobility, protection, modularity and firepower.

Saracakis: an exploratory collaboration for the maintenance of the VBCI PHILOCTETES

One year ago, Nexter signed a strategic partnership with the state-owned company Hellenic Defence Systems specialised in the design, development and production of weapon systems. Today, Nexter and the company Saracakis are exploring the possibility of locating the maintenance of the VBCI PHILOCTETES in Greece. Locating part of the maintenance in Greece will allow a better availability of the equipment. This dynamic reflects the beneficial trickle-down effect to the Greek industry and it strengthens the Franco-Greek defence relationship.

PHILOCTETES: a complete combat system

PHILOCTETES refers to the Trojan War hero and keeper of the arrows of Heracles, essential to the Achaeans to bring down the city. The VBCI PHILOCTETES is an improved version of the 8×8 infantry fighting vehicle already in service in the French army units. The PHILOCTETES integrates a 40mm remotely operated turret similar to that of the JAGUAR, and an Akeron MP anti-tank missile pod. It covers a wide range of threats, from UAVs and light vehicles to aircrafts and main battle tanks. The VBCI can carry a full infantry combat group and is available in several versions: command post, medical vehicle, recovery vehicle, or 120mm mortar. The VBCI has been used by the French army for more than 10 years in operations.

A wide range of products on display

The 40CTA gun also equips the new RAPIDFire turret exhibited on the stand in naval and land versions. This system already delivered to the French Navy provides a close-in protection capacity up to 4km particularly against drones and light aircrafts thanks to a dedicated ammunition.

In addition, Nexter is exhibiting its range of 20, 25 and 30mm medium calibre guns, in service on land, naval and air platforms, which equip the NARWHAL turret mounted on Greek frigates and the VBCI MkI.

Nexter Arrowtech is also presenting its entire range of medium and heavy calibre ammunition:

  • 105 and 155mm for artillery
  • 120mm for tanks
  • 81 and 120 for mortars
  • 20, 25, 30 and 40mm medium calibres
  • 84mm for the infantry

Finally, Nexter Robotics shows its Nerva range of land robots equipped with various mission kits including reconnaissance and counter-IED kits. You can find Nexter on stand n°D4 in hall 2.