Mumbai. 01 June 2020. Basis the directives issued by the Government of India to resume domestic flight operations from May 25, 2020, GVK-led Mumbai International Airport managing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) catered to a total of 391 flights which included 196 departures and 195 arrival movements, in the last one week. CSMIA has handled a total of 42,503 passengers which include 31,665 passengers at departures and 10,838 at arrivals.

Starting today, GoAir started its operations from CSMIA with 03 departures and 03 arrival flights on the Patna, Lucknow, and Varanasi route carrying 320 passengers at arrivals and 538 passengers at departures from CSMIA.

Following the mandate by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the State, CSMIA operates 25 commercial passenger flight movements. CSMIA was operating to 14 sectors until Wednesday and saw two sectors – Kolkata and Rajkot added on Thursday. In the last one week, the passenger load capacity has been the highest on Mumbai – Delhi route with 8,130 passengers departing out of CSMIA.

CSMIA prioritizes and upholds the wellbeing of its passengers and continues to ensure safe travel through the airport. CSMIA has undertaken various steps and has put in place several standard operating procedures for the safety of its passengers. The airport maintenance staff ensures effective sanitization and disinfection of the entire terminal buildings, including the vital and high touch point areas. Furthermore, the airport continues to undertake severe precautionary measures, including screening of departing passengers, maintaining 2 meters of social distancing, and wearing of masks.

The airport has implemented measures to prevent any potential spread of the virus and assure the overall wellbeing of passengers. GVK MIAL continues to work closely with APHO and BMC in their process to curb the spread of the virus and follow all other directives as indicated by the Government of India.