Mumbai. 20 May 2020. GVK MIAL managing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has been working efficiently in providing vital support in transporting essential cargo. Mumbai air cargo is effectively supplying essentials to not only various states in the country but also to remote areas in India where they are facing challenges, during this crucial time.

CSMIA has necessitated the need of the hour and has transported 1500 tonnes of supplies such as PPE, masks, gloves, and Covid-19 diagnostic kits which have been operated by over 370 flights including scheduled freighters and non-scheduled charters. The essentials distributed to the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chennai, Hyderabad as well as the remote areas of the country where these essentials are scarce.

Till now, CSMIA has transported a total of 12000 tons of Pharma, 2700 tons of agro exports and 200 tonnes of live goats’ export. Furthermore, the air cargo at CSMIA has also witnessed approx. 240 ATM’s of passenger aircraft which have been converted to freighters contributing 11% of the overall freight during the lockdown.

Despite transport constraints, CSMIA has processed a total of 30,000 tonnes of cargo which include 18,000 tonnes of export products and over 12,000 tonnes of imports. Mumbai air cargo has earmarked space of approximately for processing the vast flow of imports.

Recently, CSMIA also set a record for the highest number of cargo movements witnessed at the airport during these difficult times of the pandemic and lockdown conditions. The airport registered admittance exports of 725 tonnes and received 501 tonnes of import additionally has made import delivery of 471 tonnes approximately; marking the highest number of imports and exports of cargo managed in a day despite limited resources amongst other challenges.

Furthermore, Mumbai air cargo has increased its staff capacity and allocated a roster to the operational staff. The cargo staff are ensuring that the directives issued by the Government of social distancing, regular sanitization, fumigation of facilities, cargo vehicles and cargo packages along with mandatory wearing of masks as well as gloves follow continuously.

In a bid to provide safety to the staff members, MIAL is providing transport arrangements, masks, gloves, PPE and sanitizers for the cargo staff. Thus, safeguarding and ensuring the wellbeing of the employees and its staff members.