New Delhi. 09 April 2019.  Today at about 0013 hrs, during Pre-Embarkation Security Check (frisking) at domestic Security Hold Area (SHA) of Terminal-2, Mumbai Airport,  Sub Inspector Ashish Kumar Pandey of CISF noticed the presence of metal in the lower part of the body of a passenger. Subsequently, the passenger was requested to remove his shoes.  

After removal of shoes, on physical checking of the feet of the passenger, it was noticed that 02 gold bars weighing approx 1200 gms were wrapped with adhesive tape under sole of his feet for concealment.  On enquiry, he could not produce any valid document.

The passenger was later identified as Pravin Singh, (Indian National) who arrived from Bangkok by flight No. AI-331 which arrived at 2346 hrs  and he was further supposed to fly to Ahmedabad by Air India flight No. AI-031 at (STD 0125 hrs).

Later he along-with the recovered gold bars weighing about 1200 gms  (worth approximately INR-38,00,000/-) was handed over to Customs/AIU officials for further necessary action in the matter.