New Delhi. 10 June 2020. After a long wait and no update on the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website  today there were sudden updates of three press conferences held on June 08, 09 and 10 2020. Absolutely tame and diplomatically correct statements did not help but amuse.  

Spokesperson MOFA China Hua Chunying stated in today’s press conference , “Through diplomatic and military channels, China and India have recently had effective communication and reached agreement on properly handling the situation in the west section of the China-India boundary. At present, the two sides are taking actions in line with the agreement to ameliorate the border situation.”

“On the afternoon of June 6, Chinese and Indian military officials held commander-level talks in the border personnel meeting point at Moldo to discuss ways to resolve matters related to the recent border situation and safeguard peace and stability in the border area. Recently China and India have been in close communication through diplomatic and military channels regarding the border situation. Both sides agree to implement the important consensus of the two leaders, avoid escalation of differences into disputes, work together to uphold peace and tranquillity in the border area, and create favourable atmosphere for the sound and stable development of bilateral relations. Currently the overall situation in the border area is stable and controllable. Both sides have the willingness and capability to properly resolve the related matters through negotiation and consultation,” she said in the press conference held on 08 June.

But there was no mention at all of the results of the talks both of Lt. General level held on 6 June and of Maj. General level held today.